Working Papers / Work in Progress

Life Cycle Effects of Parental Leave Duration on Maternal Health: Evidence from Three Policy Changes. Working paper coming soon.

Worth a Shot? Long-term Effects of Measles Vaccination in the US joint with Alex Becker, Masahiko Haraguchi, and Hannes Schwandt

Ethnic clustering in schools and occupational choice: Evidence from Switzerland joint with Annatina Aerne, Simone Balestra, Beatrix Eugster, and Roland Hodler

Publications (refereed)

Chuard, C. & Chuard-Keller, P. (2021)Baby Bonus in Switzerland: Effects on Newborn Health, Birth-Scheduling, and Fertility. Health Economics, 30(9), 2092 – 2123.

Chuard, C. (2020). Womb at Work: The Missing Impact of Maternal Employment on Newborn Health. Journal of Health Economics, 73, 102342.

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