Work in Progress

Child Health and Parental Labor Market Outcomes joint with Beatrix Eugster

Working Papers 

Economic vs. Epidemiological Approaches to Measuring the Human Capital Impacts of Infectious Disease Elimination (first author) joint with Hannes Schwandt, Alex Becker, and Masahiko Haraguchi. NBER Working paper. Submitted.

Ethnic Clustering in Schools and Early Career Outcomes (first author) joint with Annatina Aerne, Beatrix Eugster, and Roland Hodler. CEPR Discussion paper. Submitted.

   Non-technical summary: University of St. Gallen Opinion Blog, VoxEU Column

Publications (refereed)

Chuard, Caroline (2023) Negative Effects of Long Parental Leave on Maternal Health: Evidence from a Substantial Policy Change in Austria. Journal of Health Economics, 88,  102726.

Chuard, C. & Chuard-Keller, P. (2021)Baby Bonus in Switzerland: Effects on Newborn Health, Birth-Scheduling, and Fertility. Health Economics, 30(9), 2092 – 2123.

Chuard, C. (2020). Womb at Work: The Missing Impact of Maternal Employment on Newborn Health. Journal of Health Economics, 73, 102342.

   Media coverage: Deutsche Hebammen Zeitschrift